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Alar Pharmaceuticals Inc. (6785 TT) is a new 505 (b) (2) drug development company focused on developing long-acting release drug products for CNS disorders and chronic diseases, which mainly include opioid use disorders, chronic pains, and major depressive disorders. Take me to the website. HEADQUARTER.
We offer full support, from corporate governance to capital market, to help WellJoint (Shanghai) Technology make a stand in the industry, become a listed company, and achieve milestones along the way.
Telephone +886-2-2763-8800. Address 12F., No. 135, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City. CDIB Capital International. CDIB Capital International CDIB Private Equity (China) CDIB Private Equity (Fujian) CDIB Yida Private Equity (Kunshan) Subsidiaries. Main Business Line. Contact. CDIB Capital International.
Our operations team assists our portfolio companies’ operations by facilitating customer introductions, investing in product extensions, improving cost structure and supply chain management, pursuing M&A opportunities, recruiting management talent, improving governance and strengthening ESG, as well as accessing attractive funding sources.
Prior to joining CDIB Capital Group, Mr. Koo became President of KGI Securities (Taiwan) in 1996 and established KGI Securities (Hong Kong) in 1997, and within eight years (1996-2004), KGI Securities’ market capitalization had grown rapidly by around seven times and asset size by over 20 times, while also successfully bringing to completion the daunting challenge of integrating KGI ...
“We are the leader of cross-strait healthcare and biotech funds among domestic financial holding companies, and the best investment coordination manager in biotech among biotech investment, healthcare, life insurance and government funds.”
Case Study. WellJoint Technology. WellJoint Technology provides customer service and call center solutions, including voice AI technology, SaaS cloud technology research and development, and systems services for high-end financial customers such as banks and insurance companies. Origin of The Story. VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.
Advocate of Responsible Investing Evolving into Impact Investing. We have been consistently paying close attention to investee companies and are committed to enhancing investment values, urging investee companies to improve the quality of corporate governance, and then driving the overall sound development of industry, economy and society.f.
PRODUCT. Tourism & recreation instant-booking app. FunNow is the first fun-on-demand app tailored for consumers in Asia, providing real-time info and instant-booking services for leisure and entertainment venues, ranging from bistros and lounge bars to boutique motels. This app facilitates easy access to last-minute reservations and spontaneous ...
Support for Growing Startups. Our partnerships are based on mutual understanding and trust, and our relationship with KKDay is no exception. This collaborative partnership particularly comes to the fore in terms of company’s operations and development roadmap. We also speed up the decision-making process by providing operations and management ...