Sustainable Development
We regard sustainable development as our responsibility because the future is today. We ensure steady growth and maximize corporate responsibility to give back the value we have created.

Principles and Policies

In order to implement the "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) of the United Nations, we have stipulated their "Responsible Investment Policy," promulgated and implemented after the adoption by the Board of Directors in 2020 (The highest governance unit for responsible investment policy is the board of directors). The ESG is incorporated as an important consideration in investment evaluation and management.

CDIB Capital Group Policy for Responsible Investment
CDIB Capital Group Policy for Responsible Investment
Stewardship Principles
Stewardship Principles
We have been paying long-term attention to the invested companies and are committed to enhancing investment value, urging the invested companies to improve their corporate governance quality, and thereby driving the overall sound development of the industry, economy, and society. We have signed the Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors Compliance Statement in 2020 and periodically disclose compliance report on TWSE and the Company websites.
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