Strategic Advisory
We design tailor-made investment strategies for clients seeking balanced and diversified portfolios.
General Partners
PE Funds Invested
Tailor-made Solutions
We tailor-make private equity fund investment plans to help our clients achieve a balanced and diversified portfolio.
Professional Investment Advisory
CDIB’s Strategic Advisory Group started out in 2017 as a team of veteran investment professionals offering advisory services on private equity fund investments and creating tailor-made programs suitable for regional institutional investors. Later that year, CDIB was formally engaged by China Life Insurance Company (now renamed as KGI Life Insurance Company) to be their Investment Advisor.
Customized Fund investment Programs
CDIB establishes customized fund investment programs in close collaboration with clients. The fund program aims to create well balanced and diversified portfolios, establish strong relationships with best-in-class fund managers, and enhance investment returns. With strong end-to-end capabilities, CDIB is able to provide a totally outsourced solution to clients seeking to develop or enhance their private equity exposure.
Taking Clients Further
Our clients are at the center of what we do. We work to help them find the best solutions to address their needs.
Challenges We Can Help With

If you encounter one of these common challenges when building a private equity fund program, get in touch:

  • Your current portfolio lacks exposure to the Private Equity asset class.
  • You have difficulty systematically screening and selecting funds.
  • Your investment team lacks resources to design and deploy a proper Private Equity global fund program.
  • You need help evaluating fund investments, differentiating between Private Equity strategies and conducting due diligence, particularly outside of Taiwan.
  • You need help monitoring investments, negotiating legal documentation or managing cash flows, proper accounting and back office matters.
Excellence in Global Private Equity Investing
We belong to the CDF platform, from which we draw excellent competitive advantages.
Large Group Infrastructure
Over 60 years of investment experience, extensive PE resources across CDIB & CDF, and a strong understanding of local Taiwanese regulations.
Extensive Experience
Proven track record of over 10 years of PE fund investing, an extensive international network of GPs and fund-of-funds management expertise.
International Team
Our dedicated team of Strategic Advisory Group (“SAG”) investment professionals have both private equity fund and direct investment experience, and are comprised of both native English and Mandarin speakers, enabling us to service clients locally while sourcing opportunities globally.
Proven Investment Discipline
The way we invest is characterized by extensive screening, rigorous due diligence and experience in both PE fund and PE direct investment.
Strong Investment Support
We count on a large middle and back-office team in Taiwan to assist and advise our clients, and manage detailed reporting systems.
About Us
Founded in 1959, we have become a leading equity investment and asset management brand in Asia along the way.