We seek to seize premium returns in Greater China’s mid-market buyout segment, where generational transitions and market transformations lead to attractive buyout opportunities.
Value Creation
We create value by leveraging on our deep transactional and operational experience, extensive corporate resources and executive network.
Professional Team
Our investment and operations teams comprise highly experienced, on-the-ground professionals with deep roots in their local markets. Our highly experienced operations team works in close relationship with the investment team both before and after the investment to create a strong operational framework in order to optimize performance of our portfolio companies.
Leverage Group Resources
CDF’s extensive corporate network allows us to tap into established industry resources, senior management relationships, attractive financing sources, and extensive investment banking as well as capital market practices to maximize the values for our portfolio companies.
Operational Improvement
Our operations team assists our portfolio companies’ operations by facilitating customer introductions, investing in product extensions, improving cost structure and supply chain management, pursuing M&A opportunities, recruiting management talent, improving governance and strengthening ESG, as well as accessing attractive funding sources.
Special Situations
We pursue opportunistic investments that achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns, primarily in North America and Asia Pacific. We also invest across the capital structure in control and non-control situations, and are industry-agnostic.