Acepodia focuses on the research and development of a new generation of cancer cell immunotherapy and develops new cell therapies for a variety of hematologic and solid tumors which currently lack effective treatments.
Our Full Support
Our investment strategies and value creation models are tailored to each enterprise and help them take further steps towards innovation and internationalization.

Proven Venture Capital Experience

We have earned our excellent reputation in Taiwan's venture capital market. CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures II led the series B funding round for Acepodia and helped the company successfully raise US$47 million in a very short period of time.

Professional Capital Market Experience

Even during phases of market volatility, our vast resources and experience in the capital market get our partners results. We leveraged this experience to provide customized capital market solutions for Acepodia.

Improved Corporate Governance

We are active on the Acepodia BoD and are assisting the company to create a management team crucial to the startup’s success.
Growth Rate of Number of Employees
New Preclinical Product Line
New Directors with Diverse Backgrounds
"Thanks to CDIB’s tremendous support, Acepodia is confident to provide superior treatment options for cancer patients in the near future. “
Dr. Sonny Hsiao
CEO/Co-founder, Acepodia
Benefits Multiplied
Long-Term Strategic Partners
Acepodia has operations in the United States and Taiwan, so long-term strategic partners can help the company design its operations on the international market. CDIB is in the perfect position to offer this exact kind of partnership.
Operational Planning for the Future
With a meticulous investment structure and prudent market planning developed by CDIB, Acepodia is set to focus on biotechnology, medical technology, digital medicine, and other healthcare-related services.
Industry Contacts
We have actively leveraged our contacts and resources in the healthcare industry and combined domestic and overseas resources and business opportunities to create a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.
Improved Corporate Governance
We have improved the structure and functioning of Acepodia’s BoD and strengthened the enterprise’s leadership and management capabilities. Now the team can focus on doing what it does best: developing treatment with innovative technologies.
Join Us on the Road to Success
Investment Strategy
In pursuit of innovation and growth, we employ specialized investment strategies to deliver outstanding risk-adjusted returns.
Strategic Advisory
We design tailor-made investment strategies for clients seeking balanced and diversified portfolios.
WellJoint Technology
WellJoint Technology provides customer service and call center solutions, including voice AI technology, SaaS cloud technology research and development, and systems services for high-end financial customers such as banks and insurance companies.