Marisol Wang

Executive Vice President, Legal and Compliance Department


Lead legal and compliance team in CDIB Capital:

  • Dealt with legal affairs and compliance matters in fundraising.
  • Assisted in investment issues of principal investment and funds, seeking the most suitable transaction structure to meet regulatory requirements, control compliance risks, and achieve commercial goals.
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations and the handling of related disputes to protect reciprocal rights and interests.
  • Assisted in regulatory lobbying for VCs and insurance companies to facilitate business development.
Executive Vice President
China Development Financial Holding Company
CDIB Private Equity (China) Corporation
CDIB Venture Capital Corporation
China Development Asset Management Corporation
“Value importance of teamwork, encourage to face various challenges and the pursuit of excellence. Ensure that the legal profession keeps pace with the times, and absorb various professional skills at any time to provide comprehensive services.”
Education & Honor
Soochow University
Master in School of Law
National Chengchi University
Master in Laws
Admitted to Taiwan Bar Association
National Legal Profession Qualifications of PRC
Key Experience
Solid Experience in Legal Practice
A legal profession as a Taiwan lawyer with Mainland legal professional qualifications, rich experience in fund legal affairs and compliance to laws and regulations.
Leading the Development of the Legal Team
With a solid professional, open and enterprising spirit, communication and coordination skills, Marisol leads the legal and compliance team assisting in fundraising, investment, management and exit of various funds. Seek opportunities in tough and challenging times and maintain efficient performances to protect mutual benefits.
Angelo J. Y. Koo